Mobile App Architect • iOS developer



Mobile App Architect

As an architect, I'll take the technical lead in the development life cycle of your app. I'll lead the way in technical analysis, crafting the architecture, defining the CI/CD pipeline, test & release management and so on.

Mobile Tech Lead

As a tech lead, I'll try to inspire and assist you in your mobile mission, on both business and technical level. You can expect thought leadership, coaching, knowledge sharing sessions and much more on a frequent base.

iOS developer

As a seasoned iOS developer, I can be your one-man solution or be the missing piece in your puzzle. Code quality and releasing confidently are of paramount importance to me as they build the foundation for long-term success.


Software Architecture

Quality attributes with focus on modularity, security & testability; micro-frontends; API design; MVC / MVVM-C / VIPER; business & functional analysis; risk analysis.

SDLC & Devops

Continuous Integration / Delivery, trunk based development, automating workflows, source control, test & release management, logging, tracing & monitoring.


OO / Functional / Reactive programming, low coupling & high cohesion, dependency injection, TDD, iOS SDK, App Store Connect / Play Console, Firebase, fastlane.

Soft skills

Problem solving, decision making, leadership, client and team communication, responsibility, coaching, lifetime learner, critical thinker, proactive, team spirit.